Twsit & Buckle


From two best friends with roots in South America comes Hong Kong’s first-ever contemporary churrería. Each churro handcrafted and different (but equally as delicious) than the next, we serve them freshly made and cinnamon-dusted with a crisp, doughy, and piping hot finish.

This beloved, sweet treat pays homage to our founders’ favorite childhood snack, where each bite will transport you to the streets of South America. Here, you can guarantee our churros are just as authentic as the ones they had growing up.

Only the best ingredients are used here at Twist & Buckle, and each loop of dough is cooked in a state-of-the art, imported José Luis Blanco machine – the Ferrari of churro-makers. The care and attention to both ingredients and preparation are a testament to our passion for authentically made churros, presented with a ‘Twist’.